A Day in the Life of a Bronfman Fellow

In the summer between their junior and senior year of high school, Bronfman Fellows participate in a five-week, all-expenses-paid trip to Israel.  For a glimpse into the life of a Fellow during the trip, check out this sample itinerary and daily schedule.

View a sample summer itinerary. 


7:15 am: Good morning! The wake up committee will go around to make sure everyone is up – expect singing, knocking, and guitar playing.  

8:00 am: Breakfast at the Hava. We stay on a campus shared with a couple other programs – there are tennis courts, basketball courts, and lots of open spaces. We have our own dorm building but we eat in the communal cafeteria whenever we’re at the Hava for a meal.

8:30 am: Shiur. There are four faculty members – Rabbis, professors and educators – who teach rotating classes on a variety of topics.  Some class topics this year included “God in All Moments: The Spiritual Practices of the Hasidic Masters,” “‘A Jew in the World’ Modern Jewish Thinkers,” and “Genesis Midrash and Literature.”  

9:45 am: Break. Grab a snack from the kitchen, take a quick walk, chat with a faculty member or hang out with some other Fellows on the lawn.

10:00 am: What’s in the News? Fellows look at newspapers in small groups and present articles focusing on current events in Israel & the US.

10:30 am: Bus to Tel Aviv. The group takes a private coach bus around the city to meet up with Amitim, the cohort of Israeli Bronfman Fellows, in Israel's most cosmopolitan city. 

11:30 am: Grafiti tour in Florentine. The Fellows and Amitim take a tour of street art in the south Tel Aviv neighborhood of Florentine from Guy Sharett, learning Hebrew slang, history, and culture along the way. 

12:45 pm: Lunch. We have falafel and shnitzel with all the fixings delivered to a nearby park. 

1:30 pm: Etgar Keret. Fellows and Amitim meet for a private reading, discussion, and book signing with one of Israel's most prominent contemporary writers. Keret is the author of seven short story collections, two comic books, and several scripts for film and television.  

4:30 pm: Torah on the Beach! We take a bus to Alma beach where Dr. Micah Goodman, facultymember at the Shalom Hartman Institute, meets us and leads a shiur on Diaspora and Statehood.

5:30 pm: Swimming and dinner. Free time to journal, relax, and catch some waves. 


 7:00 pm: Concert with System Ali. Amitim and Fellows enjoy a concert at a private venue where System Ali, an Israeli/Arabic/Russian/English fusion hip-hop group, leads singing and dancing.    

8:30 pm: Bus back to Jerusalem. We travel home to Goldstein Youth Village with sand in our sandals and Hip-hop fusion stuck in our heads! 

9:15 pm: Debrief and plans for the following day. Madrichim and Fellows pow-wow briefly to talk about the upcoming schedule, our takeaways from our day in Tel Aviv, what we liked and what we didn’t.

9:30 pm: Free time. Hanging out in our Mo’adon (common room). 

11:00 pm: Quiet. Bedtime for some, while conversations between others continue into the night.