Alumni Advisory Board

The BYFI Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) is comprised of BYFI alumni who volunteer to serve for 2 year rotations, representing and governing our international community of almost 1000 Israeli and American fellows.  The AAB serves as a “think tank” for alumni life – advocating for the needs and aspirations of BYFI alumni, developing new ideas, and facilitating current processes.

The BYFI AAB works to develop a global alumni community, built upon BYFI's core values of Jewish learning, pluralism, engagement with Israel, and social responsibility, while honoring the diverse talents and vision of our peers.  The AAB is also responsible for distributing grants from the Alumni Venture Fund.

We intend to foster an alumni community -- for ourselves and for future Bronfman Fellows -- that expands upon the vision of pluralism shared with us by BYFI. We intend to foster an alumni community which will bring together Jews of all kinds to discuss and influence Jewish life and identity. We strive for this community to serve as a place where all voices, including those of alumni who have struggled to find a welcoming place within the Jewish community, are appreciated and encouraged to share in a continuing conversation. 

 Alumni Programs and Events Committee (APEC) plans the alumni calendar of events and generates participation. 

Development and Governance Committee (DGC) is dedicated to the ongoing management, development, and continuity of the Alumni Advisory Board. 

Fundraising and Projects Committee (FPC) oversees the BYFI Alumni Venture Fund.  It leads the annual fundraising campaign and reviews grant applications twice yearly. 

Technology and Communication Committee (TCC) offers advice on all major technology purchases and provides support on communications initiatives.

The Va’ad is the Israeli branch of the Alumni Advisory Board.