Alumni Venture Fund

Launched in 2005, the Bronfman Alumni Venture Fund (AVF) is the first Jewish mini-grant program of its kind, fundraising from our North American and Israeli alumni for the sole purpose of re-distributing that funding to alumni-led projects. As of 2017, the AVF has distributed over $285,000 in grants as well as valuable peer support to impactful projects led by over 160 alumni. It aims to:

  • Grow projects that serve the wider community and perpetuate the values of pluralism, Jewish learning, engagement with Israel and social responsibility.
  • Inspire alumni to put their talents into action. All grantee projects are led by a Bronfman alumnus, either as a volunteer or professional.
  • Amplify the power of peer support: grants come from donations from Bronfman alumni and their families in North America and Israel. All grantees receive capacity building support from the alumni network.

Applications for the 2017-2018 grant cycle are open: 
click here to apply.


Projects & Process:

  • The AVF supports projects and programs led by Bronfman alumni working to make an impact in their communities.
  • Eligible projects must reflect the spirit of The Bronfman Fellowship and may draw on Bronfman's core values: Jewish learning, pluralism, engagement with Israel, and social responsibility.
  • Please note that projects related to political engagement must be non-partisan.
  • Grants are evaluated by the AVF Grantmaking team comprised of volunteer representatives of the alumni community.
  • Grants are funded through donations from the international Bronfman community, and are awarded annually.
  • The AVF also provides grantees with alumni mentors, PR, professional connections, and many other forms of support
  • Email to donate or volunteer your services to our grantees!

Applications are due November 22, 2017 (Deadline was extended by 1 week!)

Alumni from North America and Israel review proposals annually. Funding decisions are made within six weeks of the deadline. Recipients will be notified via e-mail by a representative of the AVF Grantmaking Team.

In 2010 and again in 2011, the AVF was recognized by a panel of 36 foundation professionals from across North America to be named one of the nation’s 50 most innovative Jewish nonprofits in Slingshot, a resource guide for Jewish innovation.

Celebrating 10 Years of the AVF:

Read our 2015 Annual Report to learn about our first 10 years of accomplishment.