North American Fellowship

 THE BRONFMAN FELLOWSHIP offers an unparalleled leadership experience that educates and inspires exceptional young Jews from diverse backgrounds through an intensive Fellowship year and robust alumni community.  Twenty-six (26) North American students entering their senior year of high school are selected each year for our prestigious Fellowship.

The Fellowship begins with a 5-week, all-expenses-paid summer program in Israel where Fellows travel through Israel, explore their Jewish identity, and engage with thinkers, authors, artists, and educators in a transformative experience, while learning about themselves and each other.  

 Bronfman Fellows seek out personal and intellectual growth through intensive learning, discussion and openness to others.  The Fellowship enables highly capable students to participate in a dynamic conversation about the future of Judaism and the wider world.  Fellows come from a wide range of Jewish backgrounds, including those immersed in Jewish life and those with no prior Jewish education -- all are respected.  Meals are kosher and group activities on the Sabbath are in keeping with the sanctity of the day.

The Fellows remain in close contact and participate in two educational seminars in New York in December and March focusing on the North American Jewish experience as well as virtual seminars.  In addition, each Fellow pursues a Ma’aseh (social action) project during their fellowship year, for which each Fellow is paired with an alumni mentor.  

Apply here for the North American Fellowship.