Mission Statement

BYFI’s goal is that Bronfman Fellows become active participants, leaders, and agents for change in the Jewish and wider world. Our programs are guided by the following values:

Jewish learning - We believe the revitalization of Jewish life begins with substantive and dynamic Jewish learning. Jews might practice their Judaism differently, but learning brings them together for a deep exchange of horizons. Our Fellowship program provides both a context and a catalyst for the study of Jewish texts, traditions, history, and culture through an approach that is intellectually challenging and existentially engaging. 

Pluralism - The diversity of Jewish life in North America and Israel can be a source of creativity and vitality, rather than discord and division. We hope to foster generations of Jews who respect the varied forms of Jewish expression as authentic and valid, who will promote pluralism as a value in the Jewish community, and who will exemplify honest and respectful dialogue and friendship among Jews of different backgrounds and perspectives. 

Deep Engagement Between Jews in Israel and North America - The future of North American Jewry is bound up with the future of the Jewish people in Israel and around the world. We believe that ongoing encounters between North American and Israeli Jews are vital to nurturing our shared sense of identity and purpose, alongside engaging in difficult conversations about the challenges both communities face.

Social Activism - Judaism calls for responsible engagement with the world around us. We seek to empower Fellows to take responsibility for applying their talents to solve significant social, economic, and environmental problems in their local communities, both within and beyond the Jewish community. 


The Bronfman Youth Fellowships in Israel is a 501(c)3 non-profit, organized as a private operating foundation under  section 4942(J)(3) of the IRS code