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  • Community

    …Whether you want to focus on the city/region you live in, your fellowship cohort, or some other affinity group, you can become a host for events and other community building….

  • Report Executive Summary, March 2022

    …reflected in aspects of her post. After January 2018, Ms. Voorwinde, in consultation with the board, created additional training for faculty and made policy changes for the program in response…

  • Passover Resources

    …for your free invite. A fun and diverse and beginner-friendly-but-something-for-all seder from the HIR-Bayit. Each year the Bayit hosts over 400 people for the Passover Seder in Riverdale, NY. (Shared…

  • 36 Ways to Celebrate with Bronfman in 2023

    …– February 28; email Becky to register. Gather 36: L.A. – March 1; email Becky to register. Gather 36: Denver (Dinner and learning with Hannah Kapnik Ashar) – April 27 Inaugural Bronfman…

  • Past AVF Projects

    …Beitar Jerusalem, the first-ever all-women’s professional soccer team of Jerusalem. A post-COVID team-building event for Beitar Jerusalem, the first-ever all-women’s professional soccer team of Jerusalem consisting of Arab, Jewish, religious…