See the world
through a lens
broader than
your own

A Transformative Program for Intellectually Curious Jewish 11th-Graders Who Like to Think Outside the Box

The Bronfman Fellowship is an opportunity unlike any other: a space where young people who want to see the world through a lens broader than their own can explore issues with depth, candor, and joy, while forming friendships to last a lifetime.

Every year, our pluralistic group of twenty-six Fellows embark on a transformative, deeply personal journey. Inspired by a diverse faculty of Rabbis and educators, Fellows explore the rich tapestry of Jewish texts and ideas, using them to spark conversations, engage with stimulating existential questions, and achieve a deeper understanding of themselves and one another. They also expand their perspectives through intensive encounters with a parallel group of Israeli peers.

Fellows are encouraged to explore and develop their passions towards the goal of having a significant impact on the world. After the Fellowship year, Fellows join our extraordinarily active, 1400+ member alumni community. Learn how to apply here. Nominate a teen here.

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The Fellowship Experience

The Fellowship begins with a free, immersive summer program in Israel and the U.S., and continues with monthly virtual experiences and a winter and spring seminar in the U.S.

Meet the Fellows

Some of our recent Fellows explain what Bronfman means to them.

"Before Bronfman, I didn’t fully grasp the power of understanding other narratives and how important it is to see things from more than one perspective. Now, I see everyone in my life differently because of it."

- Yoni Altman-Shafer (’17)

"The Bronfman Fellowship has introduced me to a deeper, more meaningful way of thinking about all that is engaging and challenging. I’ve met the most incredibly curious, open-minded, and cohesive [group of] peers."

- Shulie Smolyanitsky (’17)

"I’ll always think of Bronfman as my ‘spirit home’. A place that enabled my imagination to run wild, where I could soar into ideas completely foreign to me and come away with deep and precious memories."

- Raya Treibicz (’19)

"Over the Fellowship I developed lifelong bonds, felt the warmth of an incredible group, and approached texts with passionate intensity. I experienced a thrilling level of vulnerability with those around me."

- Isaiah Milbauer (’16)

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