Our professional staff work collaboratively from offices in New York City; Albany, NY; and Jerusalem, Israel. Contact us.


Becky Voorwinde
Chief Executive Officer

Daphna Yizrael
Director, Amitei Bronfman

Heather Santelli
Director of Finance

Erica Goldman
Deputy CEO

Laura Liebman
Director of Development

Hannah Kapnik Ashar
Director of Faculty 2023; Educator 2015-18

Arielle Rivera Korman
Community Manager

Stefanie Weisman
Program Officer

Sari Setton
Program Coordinator

Ashlie Flood
Data and Administrative Associate

Adam Shapiro
Public Programs Coordinator

Elizabeth Ochs
Program Officer: Mentoring & Leadership Development

Oz Bin Nun
Security & Logistics Director

Shira Rosenak
Israel Staff - Alumni Community Manager

Nava Melki
Israel Staff – Manager of Operations

Yuval Nussan
Israel Staff - Education Director

Nurit (Muszkat) Barkan-Bocarsly
Israel Staff - Educator & Facilitator

Paz Bendek
Israel Staff - Educator & Facilitator

Eden Biton
Israel Staff - Group Coordinator

Board of Directors

Dana Raucher

Jonathan Wachter

Noam Lockshin

Stephanie Berger
Board Observer

Daphna Ezrachi

Ryder Kessler

Alisa Mall

Elliot Mamet
Board Observer

Kira Sheinerman

Hilary Somorjai

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We are shocked and heartbroken by the events in Israel, and we are holding our Israeli community close during this tragic time. We feel it is more important than ever to continue our work of building a vibrant and diverse Jewish community, developing leadership in the Jewish world and beyond, and helping teens connect deeply with the Jewish experience and people in Israel and America. View our resources page.

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