Encounter with Israeli Peers

Encounter with Israeli Peers


A highlight of the Fellowship is the opportunity to meet Israeli peers.  Fellows spend time with our Israeli Bronfman Fellows who are part of our Israel Fellowship program, Amitei Bronfman.  The cross-cultural exposure to a group of diverse young Israelis provides for a nuanced and fun encounter.

“The stay was truly incredible. While we rested a great deal, and did a lot of fun things, what was truly astonishing were the people, and way of life I was introduced to.” – Aaron S.N., alum

Our program includes:

  • Summer Context seminar: A one-week seminar in Jerusalem & Tel Aviv with our Israeli Fellows.
  • Israeli homestays: Fellows are hosted for the weekend by Israeli Fellows. The homestay experience allows the American Fellows a better understanding of Israeli life and a closer connection to their Israeli counterparts.
  • American homestays: American Fellows in the Northeast welcome Amitim into their homes for a weekend in December. This homestay serves as a continuation of the intercultural exchange.

Over 40 Fellows - North American and Israeli - smile for a group photo. They are on a lawn under some trees.

Travel in Israel

On The Bronfman Fellowship, we treat sites like texts, listening for the voices and thoughts the places provide or manifest. Our Fellows see a variety of Israel’s archaeological, religious, natural, and historical sites, including Masada, Jerusalem’s Old City, and Yad Vashem (The Holocaust Museum). We also spend time in Tel Aviv, Tsfat, and the Negev desert along with many other interesting spots. Our itinerary changes from year to year.