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What does transformative leadership mean to you?

Chevruta means partner and friend in Hebrew. The Fellowship draws from the tradition of chevruta to foster dynamic learning and meaningful relationships. As a member of the Chevruta Society, your partnership supports a vibrant future.

Your generous gift of $1,800 or more will help The Bronfman Fellowship continue to lead the way in transformative Jewish education, with an outsized impact on Jewish life and the world. By becoming a member of the Chevruta Society you will inspire and galvanize our community of donors. You will also enjoy special events and benefits in recognition of your contribution to the Fellowship.

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As a member of the Chevruta Society, you are part of a network of transformational donors and supporters. You will enjoy invitations to curated cultural, social, and educational events featuring renowned Bronfman alumni and educators — such as:

  • Book events with best-selling authors.
  • Concerts and plays with leading artists and playwrights.
  • Discussions with cutting-edge thinkers.

Join this remarkable community and enjoy an insider’s view of The Bronfman Fellowship!

For questions or more information, please reach out to Laura Liebman at laura@bronfman.org or 518-708-9687.

The Bronfman Fellowship provides a beacon for optimism for the Jewish community and beyond.

Since 1987, the Fellowship has provided transformative experiences for intellectually curious young Jews of diverse backgrounds from Israel and North America to build a more dynamic and pluralistic future.

Bronfman cultivates a space for real conversations, for viewpoint diversity, and productive disagreement – something that is increasingly rare on our college campuses and within society at large. We believe that this is the heart of the Bronfman experience – and that it should be nurtured.

Pluralism, respectful discourse, and introspection are the bedrocks of our model.

The Bronfman Fellowship has profound lessons to share with the wider Jewish community: a ripple effect that great educators can have in the Jewish communal space by inspiring Jewish ideas and Jewish choices, and ultimately by inspiring talented young people to become community builders, cultural creators, deep thinkers, and moral voices.

“Bronfman is a remarkable community and network – even as our daughter is still in college, we are in awe of the way the staff and alumni serve as inspiring resources for her in navigating Jewish life and leadership and in making choices towards her future.”
– John & Hilary Caplan Somorjai, Parents of ‘19 Fellow

“ I am proud to be part of a group that is caring for people from so many backgrounds with different viewpoints, offering so many ways for us to connect with each other around our shared humanity.”
– Rabbi Rebecca Milder ‘91