For Parents & Educators

For Parents & Educators

Nominate a teen for Bronfman here. If you are an adult who works with teens and don’t already receive emails from us, please add your name to our interest form.

Thank you for exploring The Bronfman Fellowship website and considering this opportunity for outstanding young people. Since our founding in 1987, our program has offered promising teens an unparalleled learning and growth experience.  Our model of lifelong connection to alumni offers alumni support and connections.  There are now over 1,400 alumni across North America and Israel. We hope that you will encourage your child or student to apply to the Fellowship, where they will meet other inspiring 16- and 17-year-olds and join a vibrant lifelong community of Bronfmanim.

Application Process

The Bronfman Fellowship values diversity and pluralism, and we welcome any applicants who self-identify as Jewish. We care about each applicant to our program, and ensure that our review process, though rigorous, thoroughly considers each application holistically. Though grades are an important part of our application they are by no means the most important factor in selection. We are most interested in candidates who exhibit intellectual curiosity and emotional maturity. We recognize that the application is a precursor to the college admissions process. For this reason, after our selection process is complete, our staff is available to offer feedback to applicants. Please see our frequently asked questions for additional information about our requirements. If you would like to speak with an alumnus of the program, we can make an introduction.

The Summer Experience

During their immersive summer in Israel and the U.S., Fellows engage in thought-provoking study and conversation and make lifelong friends. Our high-caliber educators focus on teaching a broad range of traditional and contemporary Jewish texts at a university level. Fellows study major issues in contemporary Jewish life, meet with some of today’s most influential figures, and learn about themselves and each other. The Fellowship year continues with monthly virtual experiences and a Winter and Spring seminar in the United States, usually in the Northeast.

During our summer program, the safety of our Fellows is our primary concern, and we have a 30+ year track record of safety we are proud of. We employ experienced professionals on our security team and modify our travel plans in real time to ensure the security of our group. Read more about safety and security on The Bronfman Fellowship.

The Fellowship & College

The Bronfman Fellowship is highly regarded by admissions officers. Over 65% of our Fellows attend or have attended highly selective institutions. However, applicants need not be Ivy-bound in order to apply to the Fellowship.  We offer support to Fellows during the college admissions process by matching them with older alumni hosts on campuses across the country and our staff provide letters of reference when requested.  We offer programs to enrich our Fellows’ campus life and their Jewish experience on campus.

Alumni Networking

With 1,400+ alumni around the globe making significant change in their local communities, we have a vibrant alumni group that engages in meaningful conversation and mutual support. Being part of the Bronfman network includes professional support from alumni in fields ranging from the arts, to government, medicine, and social enterprise, as well as continued programs and enrichment. To learn more about our alumni programs, including our peer-to-peer mini grant initiative, visit our alumni page.