Tal Mars (’19)

A Summary of My Personal Experience on Bronfman, Told Through 20 Haikus

I have found my truth.
Trivial and without use.
No truth to be found.

Go Pro sensory.
The blue is beautiful sky.
Nutella breakfast.

Travelling lady.
I’m nomadic with luggage.
Bus, carry my doubt.

Ask me a question.
Are we there yet? Are you sure?
No, really, are you?

Outside the circle.
You boys know so much, don’t you?
That won’t be much fun.

How much will you change
If you passively listen?
I’m not listening.

But, I am so wrong.
One conversation is dry,
Others reveal more.

I am lost in words,
And the teacher will move on.
Can I dive deeper?

Let’s talk: foundation.
I am missing history,
I can’t go deeper.

It should be outlawed
To ask without true wonder
I don’t need programs.

“I believe in God.”
I sure don’t believe in God.
No. Yes. No. Yes. No.

Ask me the Big Qs.
I am up for the challenge.
‘Til you start asking.

I just want music.
Please, let me at my music.
Just give me some truth.

I am writing words
Of lyrics I know are good.
The speaker is dull.

Good and bad I’ll miss.
It will be the memory
That lasts a lifetime

Smells of the chava
The latest controversies
And dumb geniuses

Awaiting the news
Because we are all cut-off
But that’s a blessing

I’ll look back fondly
Remembering all of this
And who we were then

You’ve made me better
Whether I like it or not
I’m good in your debt

Bronfman bettered me
As a person, as a soul
Thank you so. Love, Tal