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  • Past AVF Projects

    …Yishai Kritzer (‘12) — Social Refrigerator of Jerusalem A project which redirects unsold produce at Machane Yehuda Shuk into a communal refrigerator which is free to all Jerusalem residents. Restarting…

  • Reasons to Give

    …as a study and travel summer program for a limited number of American students entering their senior year in high school, it has evolved over time to encompass four components,…

  • The Bronfman Fellowship Announces Its 35th Cohort

    …for school relating either to Judaism or the Caribbean. Her most recent research paper, “Where Have They Been?: Caribbean Immigrant Writers in the Harlem Renaissance,” outlines a brief historiography of…

  • The Bronfman Fellowship Announces Its 36th Application Season

    …for the Levant at the Department of Defense; Dara Horn, author of A Guide for the Perplexed; Itamar Moses, Tony award-winner for The Band’s Visit; and Anya Kamenetz, lead education…