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  • Our Pluralism

    …personal level, enhancing their ability to be open to different and potentially opposing world views. Using Jewish Text and Intellectual Tradition as a Basis for Dialogue Our curriculum builds relationships…

  • Current AVF Grantees

    …as well as tips for success. This will help young people from various backgrounds (especially underprivileged backgrounds) in Israel attend the best institutions around the world for their higher education….

  • Alumni Venture Fund

    …other forms of support Email aaron@bronfman.org to donate or volunteer your services to our grantees! Alumni from North America and Israel typically review proposals annually. Funding decisions are made within six weeks…

  • Alumni Mentoring Program

    …February 6, 2022 at 4:30pm ET  Commitment: Monthly calls from February 2022 – August 2022  Applications:  Mentee Application. Mentees will be carefully paired with mentors based on interests, goals, mentoring style,…

  • Simone Rothstein (’19)

    …emotionally able to have the year prior. At the same time, I had a community that I felt I truly understood as a whole. I could trust everyone there to…

  • Safety and Security

    …is possible for all Fellows to travel to and from the venue safely, and for our time together to be as natural and as minimally restrictive as possible. We are…

  • A Message from the Board of Directors of The Bronfman Fellowship | October 21, 2021

    …nurturing intellectually curious young Jews to build a more dynamic and pluralistic future. Over the 35 years that the Bronfman Fellowship has been in operation, we have abided by a…

  • What We Learn

    What do you learn on The Bronfman Fellowship? The Bronfman Fellowship is a space of learning for learning’s sake. An intellectual program without tests, homework, grades, or judgment, where Fellows…

  • A Day of Our Summer

    …the life will be like during this transformative summer program. After the Fellowship summer, the Fellowship year continues with a wide range of immersive programming, seminars, and intellectually adventurous activities….

  • Talmud Live

    …is far from exhaustive — but we’ve found these stories to be especially resonant for Hevruta study. These resources are now available on our website for anyone to use. The…