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Tomorrowmind with Gabriella Rosen Kellerman ’97

Mark your calendar for a special Zoom event featuring an intimate conversation with Bronfman alum Gabriella Rosen Kellerman, author of Tomorrowmind: Thriving at Work with Resilience, Creativity, and Connection―Now and in an Uncertain Future, on Thursday, October 19, at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT.  This interactive session will be a unique opportunity to connect with Dr. Kellerman about some of the ideas presented in Tomorrowmind and how they relate to every facet of our lives — to our homes, schools, workplaces and communities – and how we can build a meaningful Jewish future.

Tomorrowmind explores the skills needed in the workplace, and by all leaders, for a thriving future. One key skill elaborated on in the book is that of prospection: “our ability to imagine and plan for the future.” Despite the daunting unknowns of today’s world, Tomorrowmind gives us the tools to encounter change with positivity and creativity.

Similarly, Jewish tradition has always been masterful at handling change with resilience and reinvention. Our Bronfman Fellows are inheritors of this legacy, balancing tradition and innovation to lead the way towards a vibrant Jewish future. We believe the conversation generated by this book will offer a space for reflection and inspiration.

About the Speaker: Gabriella Rosen Kellerman (Bronfman ’97) is an author, entrepreneur, start-up executive, and Harvard-trained physician with expertise in behavioral and organizational, change, digital health, wellbeing, and AI. Her first book, Tomorrowmind, co-authored with Professor Martin Seligman, was published by Atria earlier this year. She has served as Chief Product Officer and Chief Innovation Officer at BetterUp, a transformation platform for global professionals, and as Head of BetterUp Labs, BetterUp’s research arm, which studies whole person development in partnership with labs at Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, and many more.