Two Pockets Bronfman Fellowship Podcast

“Everyone must have two pockets, with a note in each pocket, so that he or she can reach into one or the other, depending on the need. When feeling lowly and depressed, discouraged or disconsolate, one should reach into the right pocket, and, there, find the words: ‘The world was created for me.’ But when feeling high and mighty one should reach into the left pocket, and find the words: ‘I am but dust and ashes.'”
– Rav Simcha Bunim of Peshischa

The Bronfman Fellowship was founded as an audacious experiment to build community around difference. Is that still possible in today’s polarized society? 36 years on, does that ethos still hold across the generations of alumni?

In this exciting 3-part podcast, Right Pocket / Left Pocket checks up on The Bronfman Fellowship experiment across the wide spectrum of its alumni community. Each part comprises three episodes featuring an odd couple alumni pairing who explore a big existential question. We’ll do a deep dive separately with each alum in Episodes 1 and 2; and in Episode 3, the alumni will come together to discuss the issues from across difference, perhaps arriving at a new understanding.

In chavrutah — the traditional rabbinic model of intimate, dialogic learning — these pairings open up about a defining moment from their life journeys, and probe each other on how they’ve come to understand its significance. They reflect on a time they were awakened to something challenging about the world, when things they took for granted began to shift, and their personal paths seemed less clear.

CEO Becky Voorwinde ‘97 and Adam Shapiro ‘09 serve as chavrutah co-hosts, framing and contextualizing the conversation. Sign up here to be notified when the podcast goes live!

Part 1: Truth | Tradition

Tamar Lindenbaum ’12

Lauren Roth ’87