Alumni Connectors Project

We are thrilled that, with the support of the Jim Joseph Foundation, we have launched the Bronfman Alumni Connectors Project. A team of four Rabbinic interns – a pluralistic group of Rabbinical students from JTS, Hebrew College and Yeshiva Maharat – are working with staff to further strengthen the Bronfman alumni network and help alumni flourish as community builders, deep thinkers, moral voices, and cultural creators.

In the fall of 2021, we sent out a survey to young alumni to better understand their personal, professional, leadership, and spiritual goals:

  • 65% of respondents said that they are interested in increasing connection to Jewish opportunities in their area, and that they would be interested in a Jewish learning circle. 
  • Half of all respondents said they would be interested in a creative practice or social justice learning circle. 

The Rabbinic interns are conducting follow-up interviews to gain a deeper understanding of how we can meet our goal of preparing promising young people to make a significant impact on the world. Stay tuned for future developments!

Please email Elizabeth Ochs at elizabeth@bronfman.org with any questions.