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We will be updating this list frequently with the most up-to-date information.

The Bronfman Fellowship is a community of 1400+ Israelis and North Americans. We are shocked and heartbroken by the recent events in Israel, and we are holding our Israeli community close during this tragic time.

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1. Ways to Help: Donations & Advocacy

Requests from the Bronfman community in Israel:

  • If you or someone you know has an apartment in Israel close enough to a safe space/ shelter that can host a family from areas that were evacuated, please contact us.
  • If you or someone you know is a fluent Hebrew speaker and is trained as a psychologist or mental health professional and would be open to providing your services free or on a sliding scale, please contact us.

The Forward has created this comprehensive list of where to send donations.
Additional suggestions not covered in the list are below.  

  • The Jerusalem Civilian Command Center (Chamal – Jerusalem Situation Room) – a wartime initiative comprised of civil organizations, provides the infrastructure to receive donations and disperse immediate funds.
  • GoFundMe for Displaced Families in Israel – Submitted by a Bronfman alum. “The funds are used explicitly for purchase of supplies that will be distributed by Ariel and other volunteers to displaced families. No funds will be going towards any military support.”
  • Therapeutic Baking at Lehem Zeh: Offering a Safe Space to Come Together, Process and Build Resilience During Wartime and Beyond – Submitted by a Bronfman alum. During this difficult period of war, all Israeli citizens – children, youth, adults and the elderly, from all backgrounds and in all locations – are experiencing uncertainty, fear, loss, and anxiety about what tomorrow may bring. Each one of us needs a space to process this experience and these complex feelings, to come together in order to share and to listen. The act of baking offers a powerful opportunity to process these feelings, and to build resilience and strength among diverse populations with diverse experiences. In a therapeutic baking context, we knead our way through the experience, using elements from the culinary world as metaphors that allow us to process our moments of difficulty as well as moments of strength. Baking offers us the opportunity to create a safe yet open space, as we gather in small groups to introspect together and find ways to move forward, under the guidance of expert bakers with backgrounds in counseling, special education, drama therapy and more. All workshops will take place at the social venture “Lehem Zeh,” a collaborative kitchen space that supports community through baking. For information on how to support this project, contact office@bronfman.org
  • Israel at War: Navigating the Landscape – How funders can help, from Jewish Funders Network. Also includes a dedicated webpage with vetted opportunities to help.
  • Support for Or Sella and Dafna Sella, cousins of 7 Israeli hostages — Read more about their trip to the U.S. and the Fellowship’s involvement. If you’d like to help with their mounting expenses, you can donate at bronfman.org/donate and make your gift “In honor of the Sellas.”

Donations for Kibbutzim in the South:

Donations for Vulnerable Populations and Trauma Support: 

  • Keren Or Inc. – A Jerusalem-based organization that supports children with visual impairments and multiple disabilities and their families
  • Humanity Crew
  • ELEM – Youth in Distress in Israel
  • NovaHelp – Specifically for those who survived the party in the desert 
  • AJEEC – Organizing crisis management coalition
  • Amanina – Basic supplies
  • Israel Trauma Center Coalition – Bedouin Resilience Center


2. Information & Educational Resources: 

Background Information:
We cannot endorse or guarantee the quality of any of the sources below. 

  • AJC’s Resource Page: Click here.
  • JFNA toolkit: JFNA has compiled a toolkit for the response to the war in Israel. It includes social content, web banner, email template & designed email, and talking points. https://jfeds.org/swordsofirontoolkit

How to Talk to Children and Young Adults about Conflict, Violence and Antisemitism:

Navigating Social Media:

Resources for Educators:

For Interfaith Families:

Resources for Dealing with Antisemitism:



3. Mental Health Resources


4. Writings by Bronfman Bogrim & Amitim