Alumni Mentoring Program

As an intergenerational community, Bronfmanim have a wonderful opportunity to share advice and explore big life questions together. We have created this program as a way to connect our younger alumni with older alumni to discuss questions related to life, family, Judaism, career, studies, and personal growth. We are eager to continue to develop a culture of generosity in which alumni share their time, attention, and wisdom with each other. 

Applications have closed for the sixth round of the Alumni Mentoring Program. To put your name down for the next round, contact  elizabeth@bronfman.org.

To apply as a mentee, alumni should be from the 2020 cohort or older; to apply as a mentor, alumni should be from the 2009 cohort or older. 

Up to 15 pairs of alumni will connect and discuss questions related to life, family, Judaism, career, studies, and personal growth.

Important Dates:

  • Applications due: December 30, 2022
  • Orientation: February 5, 2023 at 12:30pm EST
  • Commitment: Monthly calls from February 2023-August 2023


  • Mentee Application (2020 cohort or older). Mentees will be carefully paired with mentors based on interests, goals, mentoring style, and location. 
  • Mentor Application (2009 cohort or older). Alumni who are interested in practicing coaching, reflective listening and seeking a space to proactively share may find this mentorship experience especially meaningful. 

Please email Elizabeth Ochs at elizabeth@bronfman.org with any questions.

We are shocked and heartbroken by the events in Israel, and we are holding our Israeli community close during this tragic time. We feel it is more important than ever to continue our work of building a vibrant and diverse Jewish community, developing leadership in the Jewish world and beyond, and helping teens connect deeply with the Jewish experience and people in Israel and America. View our resources page.

Applications are open!

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