Safety and Security

The Bronfman Fellowship has a perfect 30+ year track record of keeping our Fellows safe & secure as they travel in Israel. The security of our Fellows is of utmost importance to us. It is our first and primary priority as we build our schedule.

We support the emotional well-being of our Fellows in addition to their physical well-being, and we have regular check-ins with staff members about their feelings and concerns.

We have never canceled our entire summer program in Israel, except in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic (read about our COVID safety policies here). However, we readily modify our itinerary based on the latest security information. At times, this has included moving the group to a different part of the country and cancelling outings.

Our educational curriculum is enriched by taking place in the land of Israel. However, if the security situation becomes unsafe for American groups, we are prepared to move the program to the United States in a given summer.


  • The Fellowship Security team is led by a trained Security Director.
  • When travelling as a group, the Fellows are always accompanied by one or more staff members.
  • Fellows are allowed to walk in certain designated areas in groups of 3 based on the Security Director’s guidelines.
  • Outside these designated areas, the Fellows are in the company of one of our faculty members, counselors, or staff members.

Travel & Itinerary

  • Our Security Director regularly checks with the Israeli authorities and the US Embassy.
  • The Security Director is in touch with the appropriate authorities each morning to verify our travel plans and bus routes.
  • We modify our plans in response to ongoing events and on advice from our Israeli and/or American contacts. We also make further restrictions based on our Security Director’s experience and judgment.
  • Our group travels on private chartered buses.
  • Fellows are under no circumstances allowed on public transportation.
  • If Fellows would like to visit family or friends, the visit must be pre-approved by our staff, and the Fellow must be signed in and out by their family member or friend over the age of 21.

Geographic Restrictions

  • No travel in or near the Gaza strip.
  • No travel in the West Bank beyond Israel Defense Force security barrier except on the main road (Route 90) to the Dead Sea and Massada.
  • Travel within East Jerusalem is limited to accessing the most popular sites therein.


  • Our team in Israel is in daily communication with our US staff.
  • The US Staff sends updates to parents and are available for individual conversations as the need arises.
  • Fellows have access to Israeli cell phones.

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

The health and safety of our Fellows and staff has always been our top priority. 

  • We will always pay heed to local, national and international directives for travel and group gathering.
  • We are committed to remaining as flexible and adaptable as possible, making our programming in-person or remote as the current health situation warrants.