Daphna Yizrael

Daphna has been active for many years in the fields of pluralistic Judaism, community development, and young adult communities. She has held managerial and educational positions at the Mandel Leadership Institute, Beit Tefilah Israeli, and the Zalman Shazar Center, and served as a community emissary in the MetroWest community of New Jersey. Daphna holds a degree in Jewish Philosophy and Political Science from Tel Aviv University (Cum Laude), and is completing her thesis research at the Sociology and Anthropology Department at Bar Ilan University on mentoring. She graduated from the Hartman Institute’s Beit Midrash for outstanding students in Jewish Studies, and completed the programs in Cultural Institution Management and Career Development Counseling at Tel Aviv University.

Dapha has also volunteered as the Chair of the Alumni Organizations Forum in Israel and served on the Board of Directors. She has edited the book Georgia – Journey to Jewish Heritage, published by The Zalman Shazar Center; and co-edited a book with Dr. Daniel Marom on Hebrew culture for early childhood education, published by The Mandel Leadership Institute.