Michal Tikochinsky

Rabbanit Dr. Michal Tikochinsky is one of the leading women Talmud scholars and educators in the world today, a sought after lecturer in Talmud, Jewish law and women’s issues. She holds a Master’s Degree in Law and a Doctorate in Talmud from Bar Ilan University.

Through her scholarly and incisive articles Rabbanit Tikochinsky has had a profound influence on the Halakhic discourse regarding women’s issues. She has also established an umbrella organization for women Torah scholars in educational leadership positions, enabling greater collaboration and support between women Torah leaders and institutions, and facilitating the transformation of women’s Torah study into an organized movement.

At Beit Morasha, Rabbanit Tikochinsky is Director of the Moshe Green Beit Midrash for Women’s Leadership and the Women’s Halakha Program, which offers a select group of senior women Torah scholars the opportunity to study and take examinations that are parallel to the requirements for male rabbinical candidates in Israel. Rabbanit Tikochinsky was born and raised in Israel. She is married and resides with her husband and seven children in the community of Nof Ayalon.

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