Where Pluralism Thrives

“Where Pluralism Thrives” is an intimate discussion series that explores pluralism in our time: what it is (and isn’t), why it’s important, how it’s challenging, and how we can help it grow and evolve. 

Under the guidance of consultant Catherine Bell, and using the tools and values that underpin Bronfman’s pluralismthis roundtable is a response to the intensifying divisions in today’s complex world and within our own alumni community. As with a Fellowship cohort, participants reflect a wide range of diverse identities and beliefs.  

During the series, participants are encouraged to:

  • Continue to build relationships and strengthen their network among diverse Bronfmanim,
  • Investigate the challenges to pluralism in today’s reality,
  • Clarify and expand on the norms needed for pluralism to thrive,
  • Take part in meaningful conversations across difference which they can bring into their daily lives, and
  • Engage in an intellectual and practical exploration of pluralism as a critical element of Jewish life in the 21st century.

We are working with participants to help them bring the values and ideas they encountered in this series back to their communities and the wider world. If you’re interested in being part of a future cohort of “Where Pluralism Thrives,” contact elizabeth@bronfman.org.