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  • The Bronfman Fellowship Announces Its 36th Cohort

    …with the JCC of Mid-Westchester, working with children with special needs, a passion of his. While Ilan does not identify solely with one denomination, most of his Jewish experiences have…

  • Reasons to Give

    …When you donate, you help support our work with Israeli and American Bronfmanim. Q: I did the program years ago. Is it the same program today as it was in…

  • Past AVF Projects

    …Wenger (’11) – The Hebrew University Network for Women in Jewish Studies The Hebrew University Network for Women in Jewish Studies fosters intellectual community and mutual support among women studying…

  • Passover Resources

    …Haggadah, edited by Jonathan Safran Foer (’93), with commentary by Daniel Handler (’87), and translations by Nathan Englander, commentary by Jeffrey Goldberg, Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, and Nathaniel Deutsch. Why Is…

  • 36 Years of Transformation

    …deeply engaged Jewish leaders. The Bronfman Fellowship is poised for profound growth and ready to reimagine the next 36 years. We have launched a bold new strategic plan, which we…

  • The Bronfman Fellowship Announces Its 35th Cohort

    Environmental School (WES), which was affected by the Carr fire in 2018. She now volunteers with WES Community, a nonprofit whose main goal is to rebuild the WES campus and…

  • The Bronfman Fellowship Launches a Silent Auction in Honor of Its 36th Anniversary

    …‘94 – Short play about YOU, written by Tony Award winner Itamar Moses Marta Weiss ‘91 – Private tour at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London Asya Zlatina ‘04…

  • The Bronfman Fellowship Announces Its 36th Application Season

    …have built a pluralistic community through a transformative, intellectual and deeply personal journey in which they have the opportunity to see the world through a lens broader than their own….

  • Reasons to Give

    …York, NY 10170. For other ways of giving (e.g. wire transfer, stock options, planned giving, etc.), please contact office@bronfman.org.   We need your support! Make a gift today at www.bronfman.org/support….

  • The Bronfman Fellowship Announces Its 37th Cohort

    …by the new cohort. “The energy, diversity and intellectual firepower of this group speak to my father’s belief that young people can change the world in ways that previous generations…