Passover Resources

Passover materials written, edited, or recommended by Bronfmanim and faculty

Books/ Hard-copy Haggadah

Online Resources

  • For a light-hearted approach, try JewBelong’s Guide to a Kick-Ass Seder and their “Jewbarrassment-free” Haggadah.
  • American Jewish World Service offers A Global Justice Hagaddah and other Passover resources.
  • BPI Passover Haggadah Supplement: Sponsored by the Bard Prison Initiative, this supplement “aims to encourage Seder participants to debate the meaning of freedom, the place of incarceration in our society, and the value of learning, study, and education.” (Shared by Laura Liebman ’88)
  • 9 Haggadot that will take your seder global: Integrates “age-old Passover traditions within the context of modern-day global injustices.” (Shared by Shani Rosenbaum ’06)
  • Uri L’TZedek Food and Justice Haggadah Supplement, edited by Adina Gerver (’96), with commentary by David Wolkenfeld (’97) and his wife Sarah, Avi Orlow (’91) and Josh Feigelson (Faculty ’11).  Features essays, insights and action to unite food, social justice, and ethical consumption.
  • Here you’ll find a link to a recording of a BronfTalk we hosted two years ago called Passover Cleaning in the Age of OCD, addressing the (not so unique) problem of Jewish spring cleaning!
  • “Sisters of Salvation: The Women of Parashat Shmot” text study handout and teachers’ guide, prepared by Rabbi Margie Klein Ronkin (’96)

Activities/Family Fun

Suggestions from Aaron Steinberg, Bronfman’s Deputy Director: North America: