Zurit Buskila

Zurit Buskila leads the Kolot Beit Midrash and teaches Jewish Studies at Ono Academic College. She has been active in the social and spiritual spheres in Israel for many years, facilitating group and writing workshops. Previously, she lived and worked in the Negev, teaching at the Bina and Daroma southern Midrashot. She founded and led the Karimon Community Beit Midrash in Mitzpe Ramon; was part of the founding team of Kulna in Yeruham, a center for Masorti culture and identity; and led several educational programs for the organization, including “Elul from the East” and “School for Contemporary Masorti Art.”


A qualified therapist using psychodrama and nature therapy, her book Naive in the Days: A Collection of Buberian Poetry was published by Newspaper 77. Her main focus is on exploring the connection between spirit, soul, and body. Married and the mother of two daughters, she lives in the Jerusalem Hills.