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A Compilation of 18 Resonant Talmudic Stories

One of the hallmarks of The Bronfman Fellowship is the studying in Hevruta (study partnership) of Talmudic stories.  From the Fall of 2016 to the Spring of 2017, we shared 18 Talmudic stories, compiled by Rabbi Mishael Zion, with the Bronfman alumni community.  Some are classics, others less well known, and the selection is far from exhaustive — but we’ve found these stories to be especially resonant for Hevruta study.

These resources are now available on our website for anyone to use. The stories represent the “old chestnuts” of contemporary Jewish Talmud study, including many that have been studied by Bronfman Fellows over the years — and some fresh additions. Each tale invites the learners to explore a different set of psychological, theological, existential and political questions, discussing its personal and contemporary relevance as well as its literary and historical meaning.

Below, you’ll find the Sourcebook with all 18 Talmudic stories, as well as a pdf that summarizes the stories and poses some thought-provoking questions.  We also invite you to visit our Talmud Live YouTube channel, which contains 5 videos (led by Rabbi Mishael Zion and Zohar Atkins) that accompany the texts.

Whether you’re studying on your own or with a Hevruta partner, we hope you find these stories a great excuse to enter the Beit Midrash, the Jewish House of Study.

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